Gender Affirming Care PEI is a community-based team working to improve health access and equity for the transgender, transsexual, and intersex communities. 

Our vision is to make Prince Edward Island and Atlantic Canada one of the safest places for transgender, transsexual, and intersex people to live long, healthy, fulfilling lives. 

With a history of being over-pathologized and over-medicalized, compounded by various systems of oppression, the trans community's relationship with the care of their bodies is sometimes a complicated one—intimidating access to services and information. We aim to redefine how the trans community participates in gender-affirming care, providing them with opportunities to engage in policy, access authentic peer support, and system navigation at all stages of their transition, and all stages of their life.

Gender Affirming Care PEI is laying the groundwork for a trustworthy, accountable, trans-led space for the island's trans and intersex community to engage the healthcare system.


Gender Affirming Care PEI is a non-government organization led by volunteers from the trans community on Prince Edward Island. As such, GACPEI is not currently funded by any one source and relies heavily on public donations. We thank you for considering donating. 

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Public Statements and Press Releases:

July 21, 2023: Health PEI's Gender Affirming Procedures Coverage Policy

Gender Affirming Care PEI is community-led by a board of directors from across the province, and across multiple professional disciplines dedicated to improving health outcomes for the transgender, transsexual, and intersex communities on Prince Edward Island. We come from a place of personal experience with gender affirming care, and we work with private healthcare practitioners, government health services, and the island's trans community to help deliver to best possible outcomes for accessing trans health—both gender-affirming health services and other physical or mental health services for the trans community. 

To volunteer or become involved in our work, please reach out to us via email.