Trans Health Does Not End With Transition.

To contact our Trans Health System Navigator,
you can email or text 1-902-918-5559

Accessing Gender Affirming Care on Prince Edward Island

Primary Healthcare Provider

To access gender affirming service on PEI, please contact your primary care provider if you have one. This is quickest and most efficient way to receive care. If you do not have a primary care provider, or are not comfortable discussing gender affirming care with your provider, you may self-refer to Health PEI's Gender Affirming Clinic.

For island healthcare providers looking for gender-affirming primary care information, education, policy navigation, or accreditation, please contact

Health PEI Gender Affirming Clinic

Health PEI's clinic is available through self referral. For people with complex needs or those looking for future medical or surgical transition, this clinic is a good starting point. 

Sherwood Medical Centre
15 Brackley Point Rd., Charlottetown 

902-569-7772  |

Estimated wait-times for an appointment: 4–6 months*
Notice: This clinic uses the electronic medical record system and visits/services may show on your medical record.

UPEI Health Centre
(Students & Faculty only)

Gender Affirming Care is available for students, faculty, and families of faculty; the centre is currently not offering trans care for all island residents. 

University of Prince Edward Island
550 University Ave, Charlottetown

902-566-0616  |

Notice: This clinic uses the electronic medical record system and visits/services may show on your medical record.

Health PEI Gender Affirming Services & Forms

Website: List of PEI Gender Affirming Services

Form: Gender Confirming Procedure Prior Approval Request Form
(ie. hair removal procedures. Submit this form along with a price estimate from the procedure provider to Health PEI)

Form: Gender Confirming Surgery Prior Approval Request Form
(ie. top/bottom surgical procedures. Submit this form (along with a price estimate from the surgeon's office, if applicable) to Health PEI's Out-of-Province Coordinator)

*Clinic wait times are provided to Gender Affirming Care PEI through community feedback. They may not always be accurate and are subject to change based on patient intake information, or other variables.
Last updated June 2024.

Gender Affirming Care PEI is a community-based team working to improve health access and equity for transgender, gender-divergent, transsexual, and intersex individuals in Prince Edward Island.  

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